Client Testimonials

Kristine was not only uber polite & respectful of my entire home but she explained the details to make them very understandable to a lay person. The report and her thoroughness went beyond the normal by far.
— Cathi A., Yelp Review
I’ll recommend you to all my friends - thanks for teaching me about electrical and being willing to walk me through all the pieces. I think that’s what I’ve appreciated the most (the ability to ask without feeling silly for asking).
— Carrie McCrimmon
Thank you so much for taking the time to explain to me so much about my house during your inspection. It feels like I’ve attended a homeowner’s class for beginners. Your instructions and guidance are invaluable.
— Eli
I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you for the marvelous inspection that you did on the Ballard house last week. Caroline and I really learned a lot about the house that day and in a tight market like Seattle every little bit helps. You were very accommodating and really took the time to make sure that everything was explored in depth and to our satisfaction. It is wonderful to receive such thorough service.
— Brock J. Grubb
I would like to give you some feedback on your services: For one, I was very impressed by the way you explained everything and took the opportunity to educate me on how some of the systems work. I appreciated that very much. Second, I thought your deliverable was more than great. I was expecting maybe a stapled stack of papers, but you provided something closer to a “manual”. This is excellent! All-n-all, I feel so much better about the purchase of this home. So thanks for a job well done!
— Erin